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Lomilomi Hot Stone Massage Testimonials

When I lay on the table to receive a Lomilomi (Hawaiian Massage) from Charlie I was restless inside,

my breathing was shallow and my shoulders were tight from a long night with my computer.

As soon as the first stroke of warm oil swept across my body I knew I was in for something special.

Charlie uses both their hands and forearms, as well as hot rocks, which all feel absolutely beautiful.

Such graceful movements like a slow dance moved my accumulated tension and energy blockages.

The experience was nurturing and deep, my muscles let go, my breathing became smooth

as my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies aligned and I completely relaxed.

Charlie began the massage with traditional Hawaiian prayers;

the language resonates sweet joy through spoken song about the love of life.

My thoughts drifted away as I gently melted into a very deep mindless space.


Throughout the session I had a reoccurring vision... I saw, felt myself cradled in the huge arms

of a big, beautiful Hawaiian woman who's strength and soft embrace swaddled me in tender love.


Charlie's work is professional and nurturing.

They have relocated from Melbourne and bring with them a wealth of experience

in both their individual sessions and Lomilomi training courses.

Bhadrena Rose – published in Injoy Magazine