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Session Prices

These prices are for sessions at our Thornbury studio in Melbourne.

Please enquire about concession rates and out of area sessions.

Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi massage takes you on a journey. 

With long flowing strokes under and over the body,

gentle stretches and natural oil,

it is relaxing, energising, and deeply profound. 

90 minute Lomilomi (allow 2 hrs in total) - $160

*  Special monthly returning price during regular hours - $140 *

* Returning monthly on weekends or out of hours - $150*

2 hour Lomilomi (allow up to 3 hrs in total) - $200

(includes hot stones)


Traditional Hawaiian talk therapy that supports people

to clear obstacles to greater alignment. 

2 - 3 hours - $200


Ho'oponopono + Lomilomi Package 

This package must be booked by ONE person over ONE day with a one hour break in-between (allow up to 6 hrs in total). This This package includes a 90 minute Lomilomi massage.