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Session Prices


These prices are for sessions at our Thornbury studio in Melbourne.

Please enquire about genuine concession rates and out of area sessions.


Our usual work hours are Monday - Friday

from 9.30am - 3.30pm

All sessions within these times need to be booked online

Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi massage takes you on a journey. 

With long flowing strokes under and over the body,

gentle stretches and natural oil,

it is relaxing, energising, and deeply profound. 

2 hour Lomilomi  $200

 (allow up to 3 hrs in total)

Includes hot stones

90 minute Lomilomi  $160

(allow 2 hrs in total)

Please note that 90 minute sessions 

are usually available only on

Monday & Friday


Sessions Outside Usual Hours

These are available only when booked well in advance

and must be booked directly with Charlie Snow


Ho'oponopono  $200

Traditional Hawaiian talk therapy that supports people

to clear obstacles to greater alignment. 

(allow 2 - 3 hours)

Ho'oponopono + Lomilomi Special Package  $350

This package must be booked by ONE person over ONE day with a one hour break in-between

(allow up to 6 hours in total, including time for a lunch break)

This package includes a 90 minute Lomilomi massage,

and can only be booked on a Monday & Friday

starting at 9.30 am and finishing at 3.30pm




(Not available for online bookings)

PLEASE NOTE that if you would like to check 

availability on my calendar for these sessions

before contacting me to make a booking...

Look for a Monday or a Friday

where there is time for both a Ho'oponopono 

+ a 90 min Lomilomi session.


If you are booking the Special Package

you will be asked to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit