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Our Practitioners

Body/Energy Work, Training, Support

Charlie Snow

Company Director/Founder
Senior Practitioner
Senior Trainer

Charlie's intent is to provide opportunities for people to live their own truth - encouraging us all to come into our true individual and collective power with passion, integrity and honesty... to be creators of a world that we actively choose to live in rather than accepting limitations that have been chosen for us.

Charlie has been honoured to share Hawaiian lomilomi massage since 2003, and has worked with thousands of clients for over a decade, and is the principal developer and teacher of the Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage Training. Charlie continues to train regularly with Hawaiian elders in lomilomi, ho'oponopono and Hawaiian culture, and teaches lomilomi with permission from Kiliwelu Kamaka Iki Ali'i Pa'akaula Kamoa Kamoa (better known as Papa K). Charlie has also trained as a facilitator in Kundalini Dance, and TranceDance, and has developed a powerful transformational dance modality called 'Essence Dance' which draws on Hawaiian understandings and shamanic practices. Charlie has facilitated Essence Dance events, courses and workshops in Melbourne and at various Australian dance and music festivals.


Over the last five years Charlie has been focusing on meeting the growing demands for the services that The Blisstitute of Living Aloha has to offer, with the addition of advanced training programs and relocating to Melbourne with a view to the establishment of a permanent teaching and practice facility. Charlie's ultimate dream is to make the joy, peace and fulfilment that is possible through Hawaiian wisdom accessible to as many people as possible.

Paige Phoenix


Paige is a communication and human relations specialist with a post graduate psychotherapy qualification. Paige provides tailored sessions drawing on his training in lomilomi, reiki, gestalt counselling, intuitive healing, shamanic practices, sound and vibration and channelling. He works with human and non-human animals. Paige is passionate about using his own life experiences to serve ALL beings on a path of healing, and specialises in issues relating to gender, addictions and spiritual and personal growth.

Paige has had the great honour of learning from many esteemed spiritual teachers, including Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Joe Dispenza, Jim Self, Gabrielle Bernstein (Spiritual Junkie Alumni), Anna Breytenbach (Animal Communication), and reiki master Dorothea Saagny. He is also an accredited angel card reader. 

Paige is an assistant trainer in the Spiritual Lomilomi Training course course, and the principle developer and presenter of the Advanced Training course.