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Our Commitment to Gender Diversity


The Blisstitute of Living Aloha is owned and run by Charlie Snow, who is gender diverse and queer. The Blisstitute of Living Aloha is committed to providing safe and inclusive services and courses for gender diverse people (and all LGBTIQA+ people). The Blisstitute recognises that gender diverse people can experience distinct and unique challenges in relation to accessing mainstream health and well-being services, and inclusive educational environments. All students who complete a course with The Blisstitute are educated specifically around gender diversity, and are required to demonstrate an understanding of, and willingness to, apply principles of diversity and inclusion.


The Blisstitute is incredibly excited and honoured to be able to offer Lomilomi spiritual massage to gender diverse people who feel called to the experience. The temple of aloha is a place of unconditional love and acceptance. Our experienced practitioners are able to provide a microcosm of safety for gender diverse people that they may not have believed was possible. As aloha (unconditional love) flows through a session, deep physical, mental and emotional healing can take place. Receivers can improve levels of body acceptance and self esteem, and release trauma from their body, while fully relaxing and experiencing the honouring and nurturing they deserve.


Our training courses offer even more unique opportunities for gender diverse participants as Lomilomi practitioners. Aloha transforms, and really helps one to understand the saying, ‘As you give, you also receive’. In learning to love and honour every single person who receives Lomilomi from you, you shift into ever-deepening places of self-love and acceptance. People who choose Lomilomi as a professional career pathway often find that this decision is completely life changing, bringing them into greater places of alignment in many aspects of their lives. Sharing the gift of Lomilomi literally changes the world one session at a time! Students who study with The Blisstitute are not just taking a course, they are joining a halau (school) whose members we consider ohana (family). The community of Aloha Warriors is growing steadily around Australia.


As part of our commitment to the gender diverse community, we offer discounted rates on all sessions, plus one partial scholarship to a gender diverse participant, who is in financial need of this, for each course and workshop. Please contact us to discuss this.           

More information about our services and courses can be found by clicking the relevant tabs in the main menu above, or by contacting us through the button below. 

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