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What is Ho'oponopono?


The word pono means ‘right’, or ‘that which is right for oneself’, while the word ho'o means to take action.  Ho’oponopono therefore means ‘to make more right that which is already right’. It is based in the Hawaiian philosophy that all people come into the world knowing how to live joyfully in unconditional love. Ho’oponopono recognises that during our lifetime it is easy to step away from this space, and seeks to enable people to move closer back to our natural way of being. 


There are a range of Hawaiian practices that have their roots in this tradition, such as a facilitated discussion between two people who have fallen out, a mediated family conference to bring about more harmonious relationships, or an assisted individual exploration of what is preventing someone from living their life joyfully. The Ho’oponopono sessions offered here are the latter. 

It is important to note that while Ho'oponopono can be described as talk therapy, it is not the same as counselling. And that it is entirely possible for one session to have immediate and profound effects for a person's well-being. 


A Ho’oponopono session is recommended for anyone who is struggling to find happiness in their life, or who is finding it difficult to make choices that allow them to love themselves and/or those around them.


A Ho’oponopono session is also recommended if someone knows they are carrying ‘baggage’ that is preventing them from moving towards a happier and more fulfilled life. 



What Happens in a Ho'oponopono session?

During a Ho’oponopono session the practitioner talks with the client about what is happening for them in their life at the moment. Then, through a process of asking questions and deeper sharing, the practitioner supports the client in finding what needs to be resolved, forgiven, let go of, and/or addressed, so that all aspects of the client’s life may come into greater balance.  


This process can involve identifying and resolving anything the client is holding onto from the past that is preventing them from living a happy and harmonious life with purpose and connection. It can also involve supporting the client to shift any preconceptions they might have of themselves and/or of others, in order to begin creating new connections or rejuvenated relationships. While discussions can sometimes be quite direct, they always occur in a very positive and supportive way. 


Often this process will also involve clearing anything that might be in the way of the client having a direct relationship with akua (spirit), so they can walk their own path with greater clarity. Please note that this is not based in any particular religion, but flows from the premise that every person is a spiritual as well as a physical being.


Ho'oponopono then Lomilomi — a Powerful Combination

In Hawai’i, a Ho’oponopono session was traditionally used before receiving any bodywork like Lomilomi massage. The idea here is to initially clarify and start addressing any disharmony in a person’s life — because disharmony in any type of relationship (whether it be with self, with partners, with family, with anyone in a person’s life, or with spirit) often shows itself through disharmony in the body. Thus the Lomilomi massage session will help to further the shifts that began in the Ho’oponopono session.


Combining a Ho’oponopono session with a Lomilomi massage can therefore be extremely beneficial. Together they offer an extraordinarily powerful opportunity to clear your life for greater balance, connection and alignment — not only on a mental level, but on the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels as well. 


Combined Ho'oponopono and Lomilomi Package

If you are interested in the combined Ho’oponopono-Lomilomi package, you need to be aware that both of these sessions must occur on the same day, and to allow up to 6 hours in total. Ho'oponopono will be shared in the morning, then a one hour lunch break is taken, followed by the Lomilomi session in the afternoon. 


If you have any questions about a Ho’oponopono session or the combined Ho’oponopono-Lomilomi package, or would like to make a booking, please contact Charlie Snow.



Phone: 0421 242 467

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