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Ho'oponono Testimonials

I had the pleasure of experiencing Charlie’s skilled Lomilomi massage and Ho'oponopono session.

I found a sense of belonging in self with both treatments.

It set me on a path of inner work and cast a light on what I needed to explore.

The massage gave me a profound relaxation after being hyper alert for decades.

It stills feels remarkable today.

Thanks Charlie. Your gift illuminates the path for others.

Alex — Writer



I have received numerous Lomilomi and a H'oponopono Session from Charlie.

I found Charlie to be very grounded, tuned-in and present,

which as a practitioner myself, I deeply appreciated.

The Lomilomi always felt nourishing, firm when needed, and all embracing - truly beautiful.

The H'oponopono session brought clarity to a 'sticky' part in my life that needed my focus and attention, in order for me to be in fuller alignment with my truth. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Charlie for the services they offer.

Thank you!

Helene Collard Reiki Master 

Some time ago, I had a Hoʻoponopono session with Charlie

followed with a Lomilomi session on the same day.

I had some seemingly complex issues that I had to deal with,

and really couldn't see any way to find a resolution. 

During the Hoʻoponopono session, Charlie provided me with clear and decisive guidance,

on many levels, to ensure that these specific issues were finalised once and for all. 

My life changed entirely following Hoʻoponopono

in ways that will be felt for many many years to come. 

Hoʻoponopono is quite unlike the western model of counselling or therapy,

and I would recommend it to anyone who is at a major turning point in their life

(or at anytime really, it is that incredible). 

Thankyou Charlie.

Lana Blue — Bodyworker & Cuddle Party facilitator 

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