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Making your struggle something to celebrate...

I think one of the greatest misconceptions about The Spiritual Path is the one about it making your life easy and peaceful. I chose a path of growth and evolution because I was miserable and stuck. Had I had known the levels of mayhem locking onto ascension as an end goal was going to create in my life, I may well have chosen differently!! What I didn't completely understand at the time was that it wasn't going to be some Eckhart Tolle style 'go to sleep after a night out and wake up enlightened' kinda deal. That would have been lovely I'm sure, but it's not my path. I have very specific lessons to learn because I have very specific things I wish to share. And I'm working through them one at a time. It required a willingness to sort and sift through every single thing that stood in between me and that which I desired.

At the beginning it felt relentless. I was constantly being challenged by the things that were out of alignment. And there were lots of them. But gradually over time the balance swung in the other direction, and I was spending more time in peace than in chaos. But it doesn't ever really stop. I finally realised that there is no end goal. It's all about the journey. But knowing that doesn't necessarily make it any less challenging. What does make it easier is realising that I am always getting the exact conditions I require in order to take the next step on my path- a path that I chose, and for good reasons. That's good news!! So is the fact that there is no place in my life that love is not willing show up. However I can very effectively pinch it off depending on how I choose to view my circumstances. Self mastery is never about manipulating circumstances.

The truth is that living in alignment with spirit does make life easier and more peaceful, but they aren't our default settings as human beings. For most people it's a process. But if your life circumstances have the ability to ignite in you a desire for more peace, then I absolutely guarantee that it also has the ability to deliver that peace. It does require committing to the process of sorting through the contrast. And making a choice to celebrate those struggles in the context of your greater goals can be of huge benefit.

With aloha,


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