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Wanna change the world? Love your pet!!! (or just love...)

It's very easy to fall prey to the idea that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Given the sheer magnitude of global crisis it's hard to envisage that a significant impact might be possible at an individual level. But what if that weren't true? What if the way that you feel could actually change the world around you!!

Allow me to introduce Josh and Mable....

Josh is an 11 year old boy. Mable is a dog of similar vintage. Josh and Mable teamed up with The HeartMath Institute to explore the links between individual and social heart coherence. In short, Josh and Mable were connected to electrocardiogram recorders designed to monitor their respective heart rhythm data when they were in a room together. The instructions were simple. Josh- enter the room. Greet Mable but then sit separately and do your own thing. Doing your own thing = thinking loving thoughts about Mable, and feeling how much you love her (also called the Heart Lock In technique). Mable- sit and chill. What happened next was quite extraordinary...

Josh and Mable's heart rhythms entrained into one coherent rhythm!!!

This has radical implications for us as humans on a planet that has decided that (a) there's no way outta this mess, and (b) the most effective way to live is in the head. HeartMath equipment measures a field of influence of about five feet from the body, so by holding a steady and intentional mental and emotional 'coherence', the people in your immediate vicinity are influenced. The capacity to measure the impacts of this on the far reaches of the multiverse are as yet untested, but if everything is connected, then the effects are potentially infinite!

It's a lot of fun to play with. I've lost count of the number of times I've witnessed a person enter my 'tangible field' and bust out in a big smile.....before even clocking me consciously or making eye contact. It gets a giggle out of me every time. And a heart swell. And on and on it goes.....

You can check out the full article here: (we love you HeartMath). And in the mean time, meet Josh and Mable.

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