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Welcome to the start of something beautiful...

This blog is a really exciting feature of our new website for me. For some time I have been experiencing a tension between my desire to spend less time on social media and my desire to share our amazing experiences. This blog is the perfect way for me to be able to continue to share the ways that Hawaiian and other spiritual wisdoms unfold in magical manifestations in our lives, and to keep you all up to date with where The Blisstitute is in its evolution.

I write this on the 1 week anniversary of our arrival in Melbourne. We are a little exhausted, but honestly it's very hard to succumb to tiredness amidst SO MUCH excitement and SO MANY miracles. We literally rode the 'yes current' all the way down from Lismore. There's nothing quite like answering the call of spirit, and then watching the cooperative components fall into place. I am rarely learning universal laws anew these days, but I am constantly rediscovering and experiencing them in new ways. There's so much I could talk about in terms of the flow we've experienced, but I thought to just offer one example...

The Melbourne rental market is absolutely brutal. Even people that are located in Melbourne can find themselves applying for 50 houses or more before having success, assuming they manage to secure a house at all. But we were resolute. Melbourne was where we were called to be, so it would just come together. Charlie and I began compiling our wish lists with our daughter. Charlie wanted to be within walking distance of our daughter's school, our daughter wanted a climbing tree with a swing in it, and I wanted a bath. A short time later a Melbourne based friend who happens to work in Real Estate offered to help us, and after a couple of months and on the 6th application we landed our home- three minutes walk from the school, with a bath and the most phenomenal climbing tree, a swing already hanging from one its broad, nobbled boughs,

It was interesting though. Over the course of the two months, we didn't question our path per se, but we did start to wonder if we may have to compromise on aspects of our dream. Maybe the distance from the school was a bit much to ask? And we had seen so few climbing trees in properties we had looked at... Sitting here now I can see and feel very clearly that the universe never had any issue with the specificity of our dream, it just had a timing attached that only divinity knew. That timing was actually an essential component in us getting exactly what we wanted. If we had given up, we would never have known that perfection was right around the corner!

I can't even tell you the confidence that this process has instilled in us in relation to our bigger dream of launching a physical practice and teaching centre here in Melbourne. Our 'fantasy' is exquisite in its detail. And we have no question that it will come together. We don't know exactly how, or when....but that it really is just a matter of divine timing...

We can't wait to connect with all of our existing clients and students, and we very much look forward to meeting those yet to come. We wish you all incredible peace, joy and oceans of aloha in every moment.

A hui hou! (until next time)

Paige and Charlie

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