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Individual Session Cancellation Policy

Clients will receive a reminder notification approximately 24 hours before a booked session.

Cancellations between 48-24 hours before a booked appointment will incur a 50% cancellation fee.


Cancellations less than 24 hours before a booked appointment will incur a 100% cancellation fee.


Requests for rescheduling within a reasonable time frame will be considered.


Blisstitute practitioners make every effort to keep scheduled appointments. In the rare event that we need to reschedule, we commit to contacting our clients ASAP to negotiate another suitable session time or refunding any money paid in full.

Training Course and Workshop Cancellation Policy

Deposits for all training courses and workshops are non-refundable. Once you have paid a deposit for a training course or workshop, if you need to pull out for any reason and you do so at least 2 weeks prior to the training course/workshop commencement, then 50% of your deposit is transferable to another training course/workshop with The Blisstitute of Living Aloha. 

Once a course has commenced, if a person stops attending, there will be no refund of any monies paid. 


Scheduled courses require a minimum number of participants to proceed. If any course is unable to proceed, The Blisstitute offers registered participants an option to reschedule to a future course OR to request a full refund of any monies paid.

Expected Behaviour of Participants


The Blisstitute is committed to providing a space of respect, safety, truth, exploration, support and self-responsibility for everyone involved in massage sessions, ho’oponopono sessions, training courses, workshops, and dance classes. Encouraging each person to discover their own path and to stand firmly in their own authority is paramount. 

While we create the space for this, each individual is also expected to assume responsibility for their own well-being, by:

•    Recognising and acting upon their own power to make requests that will serve their individual experience, including the right to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and

•    Ensuring they behave respectfully towards themselves and all other persons involved. Physical, verbal, emotional or spiritual violence will not be tolerated. 

If a person is deemed unfit to continue participating in any activity by The Blisstitute, then that person will be required to leave the activity immediately upon request by a representative of The Blisstitute. If private discussion afterwards does not resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the representative of The Blisstitute, the participant may not engage in any further activities offered by The Blisstitute. No refunds will be paid under either of these circumstances. 

Training Course Grievance Procedure 

Overarching Policy


In line with The Blisstitute of Living Aloha’s Mission, we aim to promote and maintain an open and supportive learning environment within which students can optimise their personal and professional development. The aim of the Student Grievance Policy and its associated guidelines is to provide processes that enable student concerns to be addressed quickly, without fear of reprisal pertaining to the source of the concern as practicable. 


The Blisstitute is committed to developing and maintaining an effective, timely, fair and equitable grievance handling system which is easily accessible to all complainants. 

Grievance Management Principles

The student Grievance Policy is based on the principles that The Blisstitute has: 

  • Developed a culture that views grievances as an opportunity to improve the organisation and how it works; 

  • Set in place a grievance handling system that is student focussed and helps The Blisstitute to prevent grievances from recurring; 

  • Ensure that any grievances are resolved promptly, objectively and with sensitivity and in complete confidentiality; 

  • Ensure that the views of each complainant and respondent are respected and that any party to a grievance is not discriminated against nor victimised 

  • Ensure that there is a consistent response to grievances. 


A grievance can be defined as a person’s expression of dissatisfaction with any aspect of The Blisstitute’s services and activities, including both academic and non-academic matters, such as - 

  • the enrolment, induction/orientation process 

  • the quality of education provided 

  • academic issues, including student progress, assessment, curriculum and awards in a course of study 

  • handling of personal information and access to personal records 

  • the way someone has been treated. 

These grievance procedures are designed to ensure that The Blisstitute responds effectively to individual cases of dissatisfaction. 

Policy Coverage

In relation to non-academic grievances, the term “complainant” applies to both current students of The Blisstitute and mode of study and persons seeking to enrol with The Blisstitute. These grievance procedures will be made available to complainants regardless of the location of study at which the grievance has arisen, the mode in which they study or their place of residence. At any time complaints can be discussed with the person/s involved. However, if this is impracticable, complainants have the following complaint mechanisms available. Please note that all mechanisms are free of charge.

The policy will apply to management of grievances arising between parties include: 

  1. student: student 

  2. student: staff member 

Before an Issue Becomes a Formal Complaint 

Complainants are encouraged, wherever possible, to resolve concerns or difficulties informally with the person(s) concerned. If the concern is still has not been resolved, the student can file a formal complaint. 

Lodging a Formal Complaint

If a student cannot resolve the issue informally and they wish to lodge a formal complaint, they should: 

  1. Provide the details of the complaint in writing to The Blisstitute. This correspondence should include their name, contact details (must not be anonymous), details of the complaint and also detail the steps that have been taken so far. 

  2. Make the complaint themselves, as complaints on behalf of someone else will not be accepted. 

  3. Understand that it is a serious procedure and it will be investigated. 

  4. Understand that it is a formal complaint as opposed to comments, feedback or suggestion. 

  5. Be aware that the staff member or student/s concerned will be informed that a complaint has been made against them or in relation to a decision they have made. 

  6. The Blisstitute will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within 5 days. 


This procedure can be utilised by complainants to submit a grievance of an academic or non- academic nature. Grievances of an academic nature include issues related to student progress, assessment, curriculum and awards in a course of study. Grievances of a non academic nature cover all other matters including grievances in relation to personal information that The Blisstitute holds in relation to an individual. 


During all stages of this procedure The Blisstitute will take all steps to ensure that: 

  • the complainant and any respondent will not be victimised or discriminated against 

  • the complainant has an opportunity to formally present their case and each party to a grievance 
    may be accompanied and assisted by a support person at any relevant meetings 

  • a full explanation in writing for decisions and actions taken as part of the process will be 
    provided if so requested by the complainant or a respondent 

  • where the grievance process results in a decision that supports the complainant, The Blisstitute will immediately implement any decision and/or corrective and preventative action required and advise the complainant of the outcome 

  • there is no cost to the complainant during the internal stages of this grievance procedure. 

Stage one – informal grievance: 
The student can talk to any member of staff at The Blisstitute about their grievance. If the matter is not resolved then the student can lodge a formal grievance. 

Stage two – formal grievance: 
The student should put the details of their grievance in writing and attach all supporting documents. 


Formal grievances must be submitted in writing marked to the attention of either or both Directors as follows: 
To the Director
The Blisstitute of Living Aloha

1(b) Coomburra Crescent 

Ocean Shores (Bundjalung Country)

NSW 2483


Receipt of the grievance will be acknowledged in writing. The grievance handling process will commence within ten working days of the receipt of the formal grievance and all reasonable measures will be taken to finalise the process as soon as practicable.  The Director, or their nominee, will then, if necessary seek to clarify the outcome that the complainant hopes to achieve. Such clarification may be sought by written or verbal request or by a face-to-face interview with the complainant. When such clarification occurs in a face-to-face interview the complainant or respondent may ask another person to accompany them. 


The Director, or their nominee, will then endeavour to resolve the grievance and will provide a written report to the complainant on the steps taken to address the grievance, Academic and Non- academic Grievances including the reasons for the decision, within ten working days. The report will further advise the complainant of their right to appeal the decision if they are not satisfied with the outcome of their formal grievance, and the means by which they might do so.  


Stage three – further action: 
The procedures set out in this document do not replace or modify procedures or any other responsibilities which may arise under other policies or under statute or any other law. Nothing in this policy and procedure limits the rights of individuals to take action under Australia's Consumer Protection laws. Also, these procedures do not circumscribe an individual's rights to pursue other legal remedies. 


All students have the right to refer complaints to the: 

Victorian Health Complaints Commission 1300 582 113 

Level 26, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 

Record Keeping and Confidentiality

A written record of all grievances handled under this procedure and their outcomes shall be maintained for a period of at least five years to allow all parties to the grievance appropriate access to these records, upon written request to the Director. All records relating to grievances will be treated as confidential and will be covered by The Blisstitute’s Privacy and Personal Information Policy. 

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