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The Blisstitute of Living Aloha offers Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage with full commitment to professional integrity, and to sharing aloha (unconditional love) in the way we have learned from the lineage of Kūpuna and Kumu (Elders and teachers from Hawaiʻi). This means we create utmost care and safety for every receiver, with any type of body or background. 


All the Practitioners listed on our website have been trained and certified by The Blisstitute of Living Aloha, and are working at an exceptional level of professionalism. Each practitioner brings their own experience and wisdom to the table, and works with trauma informed care. They have all been selectively invited to represent The Blisstitute of Living Aloha because of their dedication to living their lives in aloha, and for being able to hold space for people from all walks of life, through their deeply nurturing and nourishing Lomilomi sessions.


To find a Lomilomi practitioner in your area, please click on the relevant state links below.





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