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Training & Workshop Testimonials

(written and video)



Whether you are a massage therapist wanting to add to your toolbox

or someone who wants to learn an amazing treatment to share with family and friends.

This is one of the most amazing trainings and massage practices I have experienced yet.

Charlie is an amazing teacher with years of experience, and having trained in Hawaii

from many elders and wonderful teachers the practice you'll receive carries all the aloha of the lands of Hawaii.

Highly recommend! Mahalo.

Serra Manawey 


The  Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage course is hands down stunning.

I have been through many courses in my lifetime, and this was one of the best, if not the best.

Ash Grace



I was totally impressed by Charlie's deep knowledge, integrity and professionalism

along with a deep connection to the ancient Hawaiian teachings.

If you want to learn Lomilomi this is the course to do.

Jan Gibson

Learning the gift of Lomi Lomi massage and the wisdom of Hawaii

with Charlie Snow was transformative and deeply fulfilling.

The space they held throughout the journey was gentle, overflowing with Aloha, nurturing and inclusive

which cultivated a deep level of shared vulnerability.

As a gender diverse person, experiencing Charlie's commitment

to fostering gender inclusive language and awareness of diverse bodies was empowering.

I felt that I could bring my whole self to the training, and express myself freely without judgement.

Also, as someone who has experienced trauma and ptsd, their teaching style felt incredibly safe and supportive.

I look forward to receiving a Lomi Lomi massage with Charlie,

and I recommend them wholeheartedly for learning or for receiving the beautiful gift of Aloha.

Nathan Fox Shephard

It is hard to put into words my experience training with Charlie from the The Blisstitute of Living Aloha, but I will do my best. My journey was a synchronistic surprise

and I am SO glad I said yes to the opportunity to attend the 5.5 day training in Canberra.

The space was held beautifully from start to finish 

we had the yummiest vegan food catered and the space that was hired was divine.

Add to this the trainer Charlie is 100% the real deal!!

They are able to teach in such a profoundly authentic & grounded way.

Absolute gem of a soul!
The course unfolds perfectly moving though the foundational aspects

and then into the practical application of the art of Lomi Lomi.

And it is an art form.

Deeply spiritual, sacred and anchored in Aloha (unconditional love) and Mahalo (gratitude).

I am beyond words.

Mahalo to you Charlie for bringing this course to life and living and breathing the Hawaiian values.

Keep shining bright rockstar!!
My hope is that every single soul gets to experience the magic of Lomi Lomi!


If you are on the fence about doing the training or trying Lomi Lomi, just do it! You will not regret this experience.
Belinda Quinn — Breathwork Practitioner & Lomilomi Student 



Charlie's Lomilomi course is an awesome experience so irresistible I've done it two and half times now.

Witnessing and experiencing the vibration of the group rise more and more each day is just magical.

I love to repeat it just for the joy and bliss of being in the sacred space

connecting with the energies and sharing the experience with others.

Charlie brings in light to the space like no one else I've ever seen — 

their reverence for the Hawaiian Kupuna/Ancestors allows such intensely loving and supportive guidance for learners.

Even though I'm well trained, I'm a sucker for the joy of this course and will join again.

Issa Verita



I need to thank you for being the greatest teacher I have ever had.

You have given me the ability to see things clearly

and make choices that are starting to change my life, slowly, but for the best.

I am forever grateful to you. 

Bianca Neuhof — Massage Therapy Student & Lomilomi Practitioner 

As a practitioner of Lomilomi Body Work myself, I can highly recommend this course for new and returning students.

You will develop your ability to listen very deeply and simultaneously provide loving presence for your clients.

You will learn a flowing technique for giving touch which will potentially move the client

into a deep relaxation to states of healing at the mental/emotional and Transgenerational levels and,

one which is truly both beautiful to receive and to give.

It is an opportunity to develop as a practitioner by experiencing your own healing

and by being witness to a process of restoration in the client through this method.
Charlie Snow has been teaching (and giving) Lomilomi for over 18 years

with permission from Papa K, respected Hawaiian elder.

They are thus held in very high esteem and recognised for their integrity,

understanding and volition to pass on the teaching in this way

Franca Hanane — Psychotherapist, Lomilomi Practitioner, Process oriented artist (Melbourne)

I am blown away daily by the magic of Lomilomi and so grateful that you supported me to start this journey. 

It's literally a force of love disguised as massage.

How sneaky of god! Blessings to you.

Serra Stone

As part of my practice I wanted to continue reaching out to a wider demographic of people

that would benefit from a relaxing, soothing massage such as Lomilomi.

I found the Pregnancy Workshop led by Charlie Snow to be incredibly informative

from a practical point of view.

There was so much to learn from the instruction throughout the day

as well as through the feedback from the pregnant people receiving.

Each came with their own special package of aches and pains

from the different stages in their pregnancy.

Having done this workshop I have developed

a deeper intuitive understanding and confidence in my daily practice.

Mahalo nui to all the people who were involved and shared their beautiful journey.

 Ché Stevenson — Lomilomi practitioner 

I have attended Charlie's 5 day Lomilomi training in Melbourne and also experienced a LomiLomi session with Charlie.

I highly recommend Charlie Snow as a practitioner and facilitator of this beautiful modality.

The training is perfect for anyone who is interested in personal growth and spirituality.

Charlie really embodies the spirit of Aloha through the teachings, connection, loving touch & compassion.

I also recommend booking in for a session with Charlie.

Thank you Charlie, for sharing your gifts with the world.

Caroline Penelope



I have had the honour to receive Lomilomi from Charlie Snow for over fourteen years 

and then in the last two years to study Lomilomi with Charlie twice. 

Since the training, I have had an even more amazing experience to have had two Lomilomis 

with two of Charlie's other recent students who are now practicing. 

What is so amazing is that, though different from Charlie, the two students practices 

have the distinctive earmark of Charlie and, yes, Charlie’s style. 

That is the earmark of a great teacher —

to pass over the foundation but liberate the student to achieve their own style. 

I expect that I will continue to see them all, though they are not geographically close. 

The power of teaching rests in a concept transferred to the hands in practice. 

I have found so much more with giving, not just receiving Lomilomi — I now prefer to give.

Today, it is rewarding that a new generation has appeared in Melbourne 

and blessed that Charlie has returned to Melbourne.

 Steven Solheim Leonard

I attended the 6 day introduction to Lomi lomi earlier this year with Charlie

from the Blisstitute. I had been recommended this course by a friend

but nothing I had been told prepared me for the experience I had.

It was incredible to watch the changes that I and my group went through

over the course of the week.

We learnt so much more than just a massage technique.

Since the course I have been practising lomilomi at a practitioner level

and have received so much positive feedback from clients.

I cannot recommend the Blisstitute highly enough.

Chase — S.L.O.W. Food Catering

It all started 6 weeks ago.

At 42 years old, I realised I had spent 36 of them just wanting to go home to where I felt safe.

I was disgusted with how I had been living my life and how badly I had been treating my body.

The next 10 days were a detox and revelation nightmare.

They culminated with my supportive father suggesting I have a massage like the one he’d received 10 years ago.

Not knowing much about Lomilomi massage, and a bit hesitant about the price, I finally booked one with Charlie Snow.

I was not prepared for what I was about to receive, and soon discovered it was so much more than I had expected.

Feeling so surprisingly refreshed, nurtured, loved and healed ...

I felt love through touch, something I had not experienced for a very long time!

Something had shifted in me: something big!

I was then left wondering if I too could assist others experience this, what I thought was magic.

I had wanted to study massage for about 10 years now,

but procrastination and fear of the unknown and I had been friends for so long that it was never going to happen.

As fate would have it, I received a phone call the next day.

Charlie didn’t know why, but thought I would be interested in a Lomilomi course that was coming up in 2 weeks time.

After being told I would be the only male attending, fear set in big time.

But hearing there was only one position left in the course I could not let fear or procrastination stop me this time!

So I said yes.

Still feeling really up and down, still getting only 3 hours sleep a night, and now with a cold,

I was very nervous about what I had committed to.

Once I started the course I was very happy to learn there were a lot of spiritual aspects

that I never thought would be involved.

Now I felt this was meant to be.

It was also awesome learning about Hawaiian culture and their traditions.

And I soon found out that Lomilomi was all about giving Aloha (unconditional love).

Pure unconditional love is the best medicine one can prescribe.

It has incredible results in terms of shifting negative energy trapped deep within our body,

releasing back into the universe, and filling those empty places with positive energy and love once more.

This, I think, is helped by feeling a tad vulnerable during the course, as you’re only wearing a sarong

covering very little of your body, and being massaged by a complete stranger that you must have complete trust in.

But knowing it is being done with unconditional love allows you to fully open up.

Only then can the emotions escape and your heart can be filled with love ...

and then you are ready to share that love with others.

The course was incredible.

Spending time with 8 really amazing and supportive people, my heart felt like it had a tsunami of love flowing out of it!

Time now to get out there and to share that love with others.

Mahalo (gratitude) to the universe and to those who helped me navigate my way through the storm.

I now have a great new perspective on life.

Lee Quinsee — Photographer

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