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Lomilomi Massage Testimonials

Wow. That was the most amazing massage I've ever had in my life! 

Mick Hood – Baker



What a joyous experience filled with loving touch.

I think the world would be a better place if we all got a Lomilomi massage once a week.

Treat yourself to this experience.

Craig Pope – Project Manager



A massage from Charlie breathes life into a weary soul, love into an abandoned heart,

and helps you to tap inner reservoirs of joy that you did not know you had. 

It is more than a massage. It is a journey.

Edith Erdmann – Lomilomi Practitioner & Reconnective Healer


Charlie is incredibly intuitive, receptive and caring.
Her massages are truly amazing and work on many levels, not just the physical.
I always leave feeling cleansed, relaxed and positive.
I feel blessed that I found her and look forward to every session.
Favel Parrett – Student


Being a Trans guy, I didn't know who to see and how comfortable I would be.

Then, I heard of lomilomi. 

I then had the pure pleasure of experiencing lomilomi massage therapy with Charlie Snow

and found it most beneficial for me. I felt very safe and calm every time.

I am most grateful for the beautiful blessings I got from each session of lomilomi.

Please, do yourselves a favour. Try it.

Aj Dickinson



Regular lomilomi massages with Charlie throughout my pregnancy is bliss!

After each massage, I feel rejuvenated and at one with my amazing body

as it goes through different stages of changes.

Apart from the baby, I am also going through big changes in my life

and Charlies's nurturing makes the transition easier.

Their loving approach and massages allow me to discover who I really am.

Natalie Sandon - Mummy and Communications Coordinator 


When I first went to Charlie I was looking for something more than just physical relaxation,
I wanted to breath out the stress and tension I had become used to and start to heal.

From the moment I sat with Charlie and started to reveal myself, I felt something extraordinary,

a kindness and warmth which emanates their whole being.

Charlie exudes the Lomilomi essence with such integrity and gentleness,

never have I felt such unconditional love and acceptance.

I felt my soul had begun a journey of healing, I felt enveloped in Charlie’s nurturing presence.

Natalie Ward – Early Childhood Teacher


Charlie’s intuitive gift with massage is nothing short of divine.

The experience of being massaged by them was like being rolled around in warm tropical waves - heavenly.

I felt so free, relaxed and happy after the massage.

Thank you so much for being such a great healer and bringer of love into the world Charlie.

John Anderson – Spiritual Life Coach 


Charlie's massage is exquisite

and to receive such a gift is liquid nectar to the body, mind and soul.

I leave feeling whole and surrendered to bliss every time.

Her presence of unconditional love is healing.
Kala Shekinah – Writer/Facilitator of Theta Healing and Kundalini Dance

Lomilomi with Charlie is a deeply nourishing, aligning, rejuvenating, whole body and soul experience.
I felt like I was in a beach cave in Hawai’i, held in a nurturing and sacred space.
Charlie intuitively knew where I needed deeper work.

I thoroughly, whole heartedly recommend a session with Charlie.

I feel like I have been at a spa retreat for 3 days, so deeply relaxed and at peace.

We all deserve this time out for ourselves to rejuvenate.

Thank you Charlie!

Sophia E Davis



Received a LomiLomi massage from Charlie Snow this week,

and gifted one to my daughter who recently became a New Mum.

I can’t recommend this bodywork highly enough!
Emotionally, spiritually and physically l felt completely safe,

supported, heard, witnessed, encouraged, soothed and stretched.
Take up the offer given by Charlie ... you can thank me later.

Judy Tin

Receiving a Lomilomi from Charlie Snow is the most heavenly experience I can think of without waking from a dream.

I always feel completely held, safe and slide into deep peace which lasts for a long, long time afterwards.

Whether it's relief from physical, mental or emotional pain, a Lomilomi from Charlie always cures what ails me.
Mahalo for your deeply healing work, Charlie.

Annie Apple

As a long-time connoisseur of Lomilomi and Ka Huna bodywork, I don’t hesitate to recommend Charlie.

Their loving presence and Lomi skills are second to none, both as a practitioner and teacher.

Love yourself a whole lot, and receive from Charlie!

Astra Joynt

An amazing experience.

Charlie’s expertise shines.

Deeply relieving at a muscular level without pain or discomfort.

Left the session feeling really calm and relaxed and centered.

I’m a massage therapist myself and super picky about who I recommend.

I have no hesitation recommending Charlie. 

Barbara Swiatkiwsky

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