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All of the services below are available with senior practitioner and trainer Charlie Snow.

Lomilomi massage is also available with select people who have completed training with,  and are highly recommended by The Blisstitute of Living Aloha.

Please refer to the Practitioners page on this website for their details. 

Lomilomi Massage Sessions 
~ Available in Meeanjin (Brisbane) ~

Lomilomi massage takes you on a journey — calming your mind, opening your heart and inviting your spirit to be present. With long flowing strokes under and over the body, gentle stretches, natural oil, soothing and inspiring music in a comfortable and safe space, you are transported to the islands of paradise where healing and harmony live within you. It is gentle, nurturing, relaxing and energising, yet the effects are deeply profound. Energy blockages can be released. Emotional, mental and spiritual shifts can take place. A deeper connection to your essence can be experienced. 

Since Lomilomi is one of the few massage techniques known to be safe during pregnancy, we also offer specialised Lomilomi Pregnancy Massage sessions. 

"The heart of lomilomi is love and respect for others. Lomilomi gives love and it is therefore one of the true acts of human kindness and one of the greatest healing arts"

Chai, Na Mo'olelo Lomilomi, 2005

Charlie Snow Lomilomi Massage

Ho'oponopono Sessions
~ Please get in touch with us if you would like to book a Hoʻoponopono Session and we can direct you to our Blisstitute Practitioners
who are currently offering sessions

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing process that is offered through talk therapy, with an experienced Ho'oponopono practitioner. It supports you clearing anything that is preventing you from living your true life path in peace and harmony with yourself and others, through communication and forgiveness. It is not the same as counselling, and can have immediate and profound effects.


Training Courses

The Blisstitute offers life-changing courses with international accreditation for anyone interested in learning the art of giving Lomilomi massage and walking the path of aloha. All training is based on the Hawaiian tradition of Lomilomi being much more than physical therapy — techniques are important, but a connection between hands, heart and soul is essential.


The Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage Training takes new students and existing practitioners into a direct experience of joy through compassionate healing touch. Students wishing to deepen their journey and take their massage practice to the next level can apply to attend our Advanced Lomilomi Practitioner Training. One and two day workshops provide the opportunity to explore additional specialised areas. 

All Blisstitute courses are developed and taught by Charlie Snow, who is committed to living what they teach and who is dedicated to inspiring people to move toward their full potential. 

We are an accredited training provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.  

Essence Dance

Essence Dance PRINT (no words).jpg

Essence Dance provides you with an opportunity to explore some fundamental areas of Hawaiian Wisdom, through ancient shamanic Trance Dance. Music is specifically chosen for each dance, and a space is safely created where you can journey as deeply as you are willing to go. Connecting you with your creative power, your life force and your true purpose in this lifetime, Essence Dance roots your spirit firmly in your body and supports your consciousness to expand. Dancing blindfolded means no one is watching you — not even you, and suddenly you find yourself free to know who you really are, without past limitations.


Essence Dance is a true opportunity to dance like no one is watching, and is suitable for adults of all ages. No dancing experience is necessary.

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