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General Information
We are excited to offer sarongs, Aloha Warrior tee shirts and singlets, recommended reading, and posters for purchase.
Postage is additional to the cost of the item/s, and will vary depending on the number and type of items ordered.
All payments are to be made through direct bank transfer (details available on receiving your order).
Due to the limited availability of colours and sizes of some items, please check with Charlie Snow before placing your order. 
For all enquiries or to place an order please email The Blisstitute of Living Aloha.


* Ethically sourced, 100% cotton *

Perfect size for Lomilomi massage

200cm long x 120cm wide

$25 each

Please note that designs may vary from what is shown

Hibiscus Sarongs

Available in 4 designs

Sarongs flowers reduced.jpg

Fish Sarongs

Available in 3 colours

Sarongs fish.jpg

Turtle/Dolphin Sarongs

Sarong dolphin & turtle.jpg
Aloha Warrior - Tee Shirts and Singlets


* 100% organic cotton, printed in Australia *

Styles: Low neck/fitted or High neck/looser

Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Colours: purple, teal or dark grey (all pictured)

We also have a light grey (not pictured) available now!

Please note that not all colours and sizes are always available 

Please ask upon ordering for availability, or provide preferences

$40 each or two for $70

Low Neck, Fitted
Tee shirts.jpg
High Neck, Looser fit
Tee shirts 2.jpg

Back of Tee Shirts

(Blisstitute Logo)

Tee shirts back.jpeg
Wise Secrets of Aloha - Book

Recommended reading for all of our students, and for anyone wanting to learn more about the essence of Lomilomi massage, and connection to spirit through bodywork
$30 each

Book cropped.jpg

* Designed and printed on recycled paper in Australia *

* Laminated *

These 9 Hawaiian Inspirations were developed by Charlie Snow in consultation with Hawaiian Elder Aunty Mahealani, and can be used as stepping stones for living a life of aloha (unconditional love)

A3 size (rainbow background)
$15 each
Poster A3 Rainbow.jpg
   A4 size (orange background)
                   $10 each
Poster A4 Orange.jpg
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