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VIC - Practitioners
Alice Peebles v2 cropped.jpg
Alice Peebles

Senior Lomilomi Practitioner

Location: Upwey - Dandenong Ranges

(Wurundjeri, Kulin Nation)

Pronouns: she/her

There are opportunities to escape and opportunities to be present with ourselves, our struggles and joys. It is my hope that by receiving Lomilomi massage, people experience what they need to in the moment. Through Hawaiian wisdom and safe, consensual, nurturing touch I wish to give you the opportunity to come more fully into your authentic, autonomous self. Shifts and changes can occur through developing a clear connection to our body and caring touch from another human can help calm ones nervous system, tap into emotions and build capacity for self-regulation. I invite you to experience Lomilomi as an active meditation and a conscious embodied receiving. 


Lomilomi massage takes you on a journey. It is illuminating and warm and can be a calm island refuge from the busyness of life.  With long flowing strokes under and over the body, gentle stretches and organic coconut oil, it is relaxing, energising, and deeply profound. 

I am a graduate of The Blisstitute of Living Aloha in 2017, Australian Craniofascial Therapy School in 2019, and Melbourne Lymphatic Drainage Centre in 2021. 


All bodies and brains welcome. 

You are warmly invited to call or text to learn more: 0460 727 072

Dan Frankel v2.jpg

Dan Frankel

Senior Lomilomi Practitioner

Location: Fitzroy - Melbourne

(Ngár-go, Kulin Nation)

Pronouns: he/him

I believe bodywork helps to restore your connection with yourself, by working on your body's natural rhythm and by providing holistic care with complete client focus for an extended period. 


After many years of practice I find that bodywork is beneficial in so many ways, for example: circulation and mobility issues, fascia release, finding a sense of grounding and physical/emotional recalibration, and most importantly, when bodywork is used as a regular health maintenance tool it can assist in preventing dis-harmony from arising.


Sessions with me will be a different experience for each person depending on their needs. They can be very active and involve client participation for stretches and tension release or they could also be just intuitive, following the body's tension and using a whole range of techniques from holding, stretching, long flowing strokes and sometimes some gentle breathing guidance.  It really all depends on what the goal of the client is.


I am a graduate of The Blisstitute of Living Aloha 2019, Dr Manaka Protocols 2012 (taught by Paul Movsessian) and The Australian Shiatsu College 2010. 

For more information or to book a session please visit the website below.

lizzie lomi.jpeg

Lizzie Doyle

Lomilomi Practitioner

Location: West Brunswick - Melbourne
(Yern-da-ville, Naarm, Kulin Nation)

Pronouns: they/them

Lizzie first received Lomilomi in 2007 and was stunned by its capacity to connect the receiver deeply and intimately with the self, which resonated strongly with their ongoing research investigating the integration of body-mind.

Lizzie received training at The Blisstitute in 2022. Alongside this knowledge, they bring creative experience and insights through their work with psychophysical performance and the development of therapeutic physical theatre programs designed to activate embodiment. They have also mentored young people on their journey to overcome trauma relating to sexual abuse and family violence. On a personal level, Lizzie has lived experience of dysphoric and dysmorphic disorders and gender diversity, which informs their work with the receiver with a focus on developing deep self-love. They are also a proud single parent of two.

A session with Lizzie will focus on whatever you want to bring into the light, or to leave behind. They work without opinion, bringing deep listening, an open heart, and a commitment to drawing upon the ancient and sacred traditions of Hawaiian Lomilomi. Whether you seek a relaxing, nurturing massage to let go of tension and stress, a deep, transformative encounter with the self with specific intentions, or anywhere in between, Lizzie warmly welcomes you to drop in to, and connect deeply with your miraculous self, and through this enable great healing and growth.

Mobile, accessible Lomilomi, and concession rates available upon request.

Contact Lizzie to make a booking: 0412 006 424

Serra Stone.jpg

Sarah Hancock

Lomilomi Practitioner

Location: Castlemaine 

(Dja Dja Wurrung, Kulin Nation)

Pronouns: she/her

I believe every single person deserves to receive loving touch, to feel safe and empowered in their bodies. Through bodywork, ecstatic dance, nature connection and ceremony it is my purpose to support you to come home to ‘the soft animal of your body’.

I have been a body worker for 7 years, 4 of these practicing Lomilomi. I view Lomilomi as dance of connection — between the giver and receiver, Earth and Spirit, our Ancestors, and who we are yet to become. It is prayer embodied.

My sessions are slow, deep and honouring of who you are and where you’re at. We are not trying to ‘fix’ anything. We work with intention, gently allowing the nervous system to unwind, tension to ease and the body to drop into a state of receptivity. In this state the body is open to receiving deep nourishment and the unconditional love of Aloha.

When I’m not in my studio ‘Soul Nest’ you can find me wandering in the bush geeking out on birds, hanging out with my dog, dancing wildly or drinking tea with my nose firmly pressed in a book. I have recently become a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant and Funeral Celebrant and look forward to walking this path.

You can text me on 0423824942 to make a booking.

Online bookings are also available:

IMG_20211213_151244 (1).jpg

Serra Manawey

Lomilomi Practitioner

Location: Portland - South West VIC

(Gunditjmara Mirring Country)

Pronouns: she/her

With each session given I am eternally in awe and humbled by the enormity of the energy that flows through this lineage of Lomilomi. The connection to the Kupuna (Elders) and Kahiko Kupuna (Ancient Elders) is palpable when in the Lomilomi space. Coming from a background of energy healing and other forms of spiritual massage I work deeply with energies, and I feel blessed to have received the gift of Lomilomi. There is an ancient Mana (power) beyond what flows through my own personal energy work that comes with this treatment, making it potent and effective.

I received the practice of Lomilomi into my hands in 2019. I have since been cultivating a Lomilomi offering of deep Aloha spirit, with strong Pa'a (grounding) in myself. Lomilomi works deeply on the emotional level, opening and clearing energy channels in the body and creating trust and deep relaxation in the physical body. Many of my clients have expressed having beautiful emotional releases after receiving a Lomilomi, and this is a space I hold with safety and Aloha. 

If you live in or travel to the far South West of Victoria, I can be found in Portland and would be honoured to hold this space and share this treatment with you.

If you would like more information or to book a treatment, please contact me on 0447 309 771


Iam Love - The Temple of Aloha 

Senior Lomilomi Practitioner

Mentored by Charlie Snow

Co-founder of The Blisstitute of Living Aloha 

Location: East Bentleigh, Melbourne

(Kulin Nation)


Pronouns: he/him (transgender male)


I have been blessed to have been in an assistant and teaching role with Kūmu Charlie Snow, which has enabled me to develop profoundly as a Lomilomi practitioner under their tuition and guidance. I am now practicing independently as a Transpersonal Therapist offering sessions tailored to the individual client.


I am a shaman, initiated into the Q’ero (Incan) lineage. I am a Gestalt Psychotherapist, and a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine. I hold a third degree certification in Reiki. I am a Deathwalker, and have specialist skills in Oncological Massage (certified), as well as sound healing, plant medicine support and psychedelic therapy, Rites of passage rituals and ceremony, animal communication and healing. 


I am deeply dedicated to service. I provide an incredibly safe and nurturing environment with a broad range of modalities, enabling the client to co-create a session that, with spirits support, will give them the opportunity to receive exactly what they require. As a transgender man, I proudly provide a practice that is safe for ALL clients.

Due to the sensitive nature of my work, I request initial email contact before phone details are provided:

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