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Hawaiian Wisdom — The Aloha Spirit

9 Inspirations for Empowered Living

10 week online discussion

Aunty Pilahi Paki 1962 Aloha.jpg

Aunty Pilahi Paki (1910-1985) was a Hawaiian poet, philosopher, linguist, educator, spiritual guide, songwriter and author, whose Aloha poem led to the adoption of the Aloha Spirit bill by the Hawaiian legislature.


In 1986 the Hawai’i Revised Statutes, section 5-7.5, acknowledged that “The Aloha Spirit was the working philosophy of native Hawaiians and was presented as a gift to the people of Hawai’i.”

If the pic is too much (it has to be large enough, unfortunately, to read the small text) we could have something like this instead:

The Aloha Spirit

A   Akahai - kindness

L    Lokahi - unity, harmony

O   'Olu'olu - agreeable

 Ha'aha'a - humility, modesty

A   Ahonui - patience

Aloha poem.jpg


About the Course

The 10 week online discussion revolves around the gift of the Aloha Spirit and is presented as 9 separate—but overlapping— key concepts which aim to inspire and empower us for more balanced living. 

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These 9 Hawaiian concepts or 'Inspirations' grew out of Charlie Snow’s experiences with learning from Hawaiian elders, giving and teaching Lomilomi massage, and developing Essence Dance (which combines shamanistic trance dance with Hawaiian wisdom). They were put together to explain some key elements of Hawaiian wisdom in a way that can be understood easily by people in the Western world. Each inspiration can be utilised separately, although they work together and are interwoven in their understandings. 

They have been created with the support of Hawaiian Elder Aunty Mahealani Kuamo’o-Henry, to ensure they reflect traditional wisdom in a meaningful way and draw on the appropriate Hawaiian words for which they are intended. They do not claim to represent all of Hawaiian wisdom, or to explain all of the complex dimensions and layers of each ‘inspiration’, because that simply isn’t possible here. But they do help to provide stepping stones in one’s personal, and therefore our collective, growth.

Our 9 Hawaiian Inspirations
    Connecting with spirit & all of creation

    Living unconditional love with joy, ease and presence

    Be here, now

4.  KALA
    Live without limits and set yourself free

5.  NA’AU 
    Your gut knowing centre

    Living your life purpose

7.  MANA
    Your innate spiritual power

    The law of attraction

    Gratitude, for all that I am and all that is

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Who is the course suitable for?

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1 day per week over 10 weeks

Day and Time 
x am – x pm

$350 full price / $300 concession
$100 deposit to secure your place


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