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Learn, love, give, LIVE: Lomilomi as a pathway to purpose & fulfilment

Featured in Living Now, October 24, 2018

It’s a pretty interesting time to be alive in our human history.

As the world around us becomes increasingly chaotic and polarised, more and more people are searching for answers to big questions. Questions relating to their purpose in life, and the way forward for us as a whole. In this age of information there’s no shortage of extraordinary teachers and teachings that can help us to explore the many paths available to us. However, finding meaningful practices that truly allow us to live heart centred lives, and to realise our potential while also making a significant contribution to the lives of others, can be overwhelming.

The most challenging thing for us as teachers of Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi massage and Hawaiian wisdom, is trying to work out how to adequately communicate the profundity of what the wisdom and associated practices have to offer. One of the most common feedback remarks we hear from students is “I thought I was coming to learn a massage technique! I had no idea of how many aspects of my life this course was going to positively affect…” And, “This wisdom was the missing piece. It makes everything else that I have learned make sense!”

Lomilomi massage is an expression of something that every human being needs to give and receive – love!! It is the practice of learning to become and embody the vibrational frequency of love in all your thoughts and actions. And in doing so, raising the frequency of those around you to that level. In that place, incredible peace, joy and healing can and does occur.

The Hawaiians call this love aloha

As with most Hawaiian words, ‘aloha’ has layers of meaning. The complexity and depth of meaning encompassed in the word aloha helps us to understand that it is a state of being. It is about the sharing of joyful life force energy in the present moment. When you choose to live in aloha you can see that the fundamental life force that has created all things is, in its essence, love itself. The more that you create space to experience life in a state of love and gratitude, the more connected you are to the flow of creation. From this state of being it is easy to experience the connectedness of all things. And you find that experiences, people and things of a similar vibration find their way to you effortlessly.

Lomilomi massage takes you on a journey – calming your mind, opening your heart and inviting your spirit to be present. Experience long flowing strokes under and over the body. Gentle stretches. Natural oil. Soothing and inspiring music. All in a comfortable and safe space. You are transported to the islands of paradise where healing and harmony live within you. It is gentle, nurturing, relaxing and energising, yet the effects are deeply profound. Energy blockages can be released, and emotional, mental and spiritual shifts can take place. A deeper connection to your essence can be experienced.

“The heart of Lomilomi is love and respect for others. Lomilomi gives love and is therefore one of the true acts of human kindness and one of the greatest healing arts.” – Chai, Na Mo’olelo Lomilomi

The Blisstitute offers life-changing courses. With international accreditation for anyone wishing to explore the art of giving Lomilomi, and walking the path of aloha. The introductory course takes new students and existing practitioners into a direct experience of the joy and healing that is possible when working as an instrument of source energy. Our courses are attended by impassioned individuals, of any skill level and from all walks of life. They are dedicated to their own growth, and are taught by teachers who are the embodiment of the teachings. At a time when so many people are feeling lost and isolated, stressed and separated, Lomilomi is a radical act of compassion. It is an invitation back to the heart and back to love itself.

Although the Introduction to Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi massage course offers a career pathway for those who feel called, the relevance of our introductory courses is not reserved exclusively for those wanting to practice professionally. Our courses are about giving yourself the gift of aloha. A way of being, where you are experiencing true joy, expressing yourself authentically. And living your passions with respect for yourself, others and the earth.

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