Alice Peeble

Lomilomi Practitioner

Location: Upwey, Dandenong Ranges VIC 

Pronouns: she/her

There are opportunities to escape and opportunities to be present with ourselves, our struggles and joys. It is my hope that by receiving Lomilomi massage, people experience what they need to in the moment. Through Hawaiian wisdom and safe, consensual, nurturing touch I wish to give you the opportunity to come more fully into your authentic, autonomous self. Shifts and changes can occur through developing a clear connection to our body and caring touch from another human can help calm ones nervous system, tap into emotions and build capacity for self-regulation. I invite you to experience Lomilomi as an active meditation and a conscious embodied receiving. 


Lomilomi massage takes you on a journey. It is illuminating and warm and can be a calm island refuge from the busyness of life.  With long flowing strokes under and over the body, gentle stretches and organic coconut oil, it is relaxing, energising, and deeply profound. 


Sessions are 90 minutes on the table with the option of 2 hours upon request. All bodies are welcome.


You are warmly invited to call or text to learn more: 0460 727 072


Charlie Snow

Senior Lomilomi Practitioner
Lomilomi Trainer

Ho'oponopono Practitioner

Essence Dance Facilitator

Location: Mullumbimby, Byron Bay Shire, NSW

Pronouns: they/them

Charlie is a Wodi Wodi person from the Illawarra area of NSW, which is part of the Dharawal nation.


Charlie also identifies as māhū, which is a Hawaiian term for someone who “walks in the middle” of the gender spectrum. Thus Charlie uses the pronouns ‘they/them’ because they do not see themselves as female or male, but rather as somewhere in the middle. This brings a unique perspective and energy to Charlie's work, and enables them to work tangibly with yin and yang energies, or, as some say, the feminine and masculine.

Charlie's intent is to provide opportunities for people to live their own truth — encouraging us all to come into our true individual and collective power with passion, integrity and honesty... to be creators of a world that we actively choose to live in rather than accepting limitations that have been chosen for us.


Charlie has been honoured to share Hawaiian Lomilomi massage since 2001, and has worked with thousands of clients for almost two decades. Charlie continues to train with Hawaiian elders in Lomilomi, Ho'oponopono, Aloha and Hawaiian culture, and teaches Lomilomi with permission from Kiliwelu Kamaka Iki Ali'i Pa'akaula Kamoa Kamoa (better known as Papa K).


Charlie's teaching style and sessions are deeply nurturing, strong and clear. Charlie works with people of all genders and is able to hold space for people of all different backgrounds and lived experiences.  

Over the last five years Charlie has been focusing on meeting the growing demands for the services that The Blisstitute of Living Aloha has to offer, whilst also parenting, and has recently relocated from Melbourne back to Mullumbimby NSW. As well as now offering sessions and training in the Byron Bay Shire, Charlie will continue to travel regularly to Melbourne to provide training and individual sessions.


Dan Frankel

Lomilomi Practitioner 

Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne VIC

Pronouns: he/him


I believe bodywork helps to restore your connection with yourself, by working on your body's natural rhythm and by providing holistic care with complete client focus for an extended period. 


After many years of practice I find that bodywork is beneficial in so many ways, for example: circulation and mobility issues, fascia release, finding a sense of grounding and physical/emotional recalibration, and most importantly, when bodywork is used as a regular health maintenance tool it can assist in preventing dis-harmony from arising.


Sessions with me will be a different experience for each person depending on their needs. They can be very active and involve client participation for stretches and tension release or they could also be just intuitive, following the body's tension and using a whole range of techniques from holding, stretching, long flowing strokes and sometimes some gentle breathing guidance.  It really all depends on what the goal of the client is.


I am a graduate of The Blisstitute of Living Aloha 2019, Dr Manaka Protocols 2012 (taught by Paul Movsessian) and The Australian Shiatsu College 2010. 


For more information please phone 0410588457

0421 242 467

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