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Essence Dance

What is Essence Dance?
Essence Dance is a blindfolded spiritual practice based on ancient shamanic Trance Dance and Hawaiian Wisdom. It provides a safe space where you can journey into yourself as deeply as you are willing to go in the moment. Connecting you with your creative power, your life force and your true purpose in this lifetime, Essence Dance roots your spirit firmly in your body and supports your consciousness to expand.
The blindfold prevents your mind from limiting your experience to what is already known and allows your being to journey into a deeper truth than your mind can comprehend. No one is watching you - not even you, and suddenly you find yourself free to know who you really are, without past limitations. Once your blindfold is on, rhythmic beats and percussive instruments take you on a journey within.
Everything you need to know is explained at the beginning of the dance and a safe space is provided for you to truly let go of any inhibitions so that you can 'dance like nobody is watching'.
Essence Dance is a unique practice that has been known to enhance many people’s experiences of becoming a true co-creator in their lives, living with greater passion, deeper love and total authenticity. It is a practice that appeals to a broad range of people – from those who already use dance as a tool for growth, to the opposite end of the spectrum of people who have always been too afraid to dance... Essence Dance is a true opportunity to DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING!
If you aren't sure whether Essence Dance is for you, why not come to the Introduction to Essence Dance event to try it out before committing to the 9 week journey?
Charlie Snow, founder of Essence Dance, will be facilitating both the introductory event and the 9 week journey in Melbourne. Charlie has had over 17 years of experience working with Hawaiian wisdom, as well as with teaching and holding space for people through bodywork and Essence Dance. Charlie shares Hawaiian wisdom with permission from Hawaiian Elders, and created the 9 Hawaiian Inspirations which Essence Dance is based on, in consultation with Hawaiian Elder Aunty Mahealani.
Introduction to Essence Dance ~ Ganga Giri plays live!!

This introductory event is being held the week before the 9 week course begins. It is suitable for anyone who would like to come and try out Essence Dance before committing to the full 9 week journey, and for anyone who is eager to get started before the 9 week course begins. Australian Didjeridoo/electronic artist, Ganga Girir, will be playing a one-off live set for this event!! 

Tickets for this event need to be pre-purchased as it is limited to 40 participants, and are expected to sell out

COST: $40* concession or $50* full price (*Plus booking fee if purchased on Eventbrite)

DATE: Wednesday 22nd January 2020

TIME: 7pm-9.30pm

LOCATION: St Brigid's Catholic Church Hall
378 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North 

PARKING: There is plenty of free parking inside the gate, next to the hall

FB & EVENTBRITE EVENT: (to be published soon)

BOOKING: Please contact Charlie Snow to book your place. Phone 0421242467

9 Weeks of Essence Dance

... allowing you to dive deeply into your connection with spirit, whilst aligning you with your path, and supporting shifts in consciousness to enable you to create pa'a (an unshakeable foundation).

The venue is wheelchair accessible, and I encourage people of all abilities to attend. If you use a wheelchair, please contact me to discuss the practicalities of dancing safely (for you and for others) whilst blindfolded, before committing to this course. Mahalo (thank you)

DATES: 29th January - 25th March
9 Wednesday* evenings from 7pm-9pm**

*Please note that one Wednesday will be replaced with Monday 17th February (instead of Wednesday 19th February)
**Please also note that each class officially ends at 9pm, but people are welcome to stay afterwards if they would like to sit in circle and/or share after their journey, which sometimes goes for up to 30 mins extra. This can be a helpful and nice way to integrate, although people sometimes choose to be quiet and stay in their own space after the dance journey. This can be decided on individually each night, and there are no expectations about anyone's choice with this.


PRICE: $380 concession or $450 full price 
This course is limited to 15 participants, so it is strongly recommended that you book in advance if you know you would like to attend.


DEPOSIT: $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your place

LOCATION: St Brigid's Catholic Church Hall
378 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North 

PARKING: There is plenty of free parking inside the gate, next to the hall 

FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/505626433380373/
BOOKING: Please contact Charlie Snow to book your place. Phone 0421242467
Essence Dance Dates