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QLD - Practitioners

Charlie Snow

Senior Lomilomi Practitioner
Lomilomi Teacher

Ho'oponopono Practitioner

Essence Dance Facilitator

Location: Annerley - Brisbane


Pronouns: they/them

Charlie is a Wodi Wodi person from the Illawarra area of NSW.


Charlie also identifies as māhū, which is a Hawaiian term for someone who “walks in the middle” of the gender spectrum. Thus Charlie uses the pronouns ‘they/them’ because they do not see themselves as female or male, but rather as somewhere in the middle. This brings a unique perspective and energy to Charlie's work, and enables them to work tangibly with yin and yang energies, or, as some say, the feminine and masculine.

Charlie's intent is to provide opportunities for people to live their own truth — encouraging us all to come into our true individual and collective power with passion, integrity and honesty... to be creators of a world that we actively choose to live in rather than accepting limitations that have been chosen for us.


Charlie has been honoured to share Hawaiian Lomilomi massage since 2003, and has worked with thousands of clients for two decades. Charlie continues to train with Hawaiian elders in Lomilomi, Ho'oponopono, Aloha and Hawaiian culture, and teaches Lomilomi with permission from Kiliwelu Kamaka Iki Ali'i Pa'akaula Kamoa Kamoa (better known as Papa K).


Charlie's teaching style and sessions are deeply nurturing, strong and clear. Charlie works with people of all genders and is able to hold space for people of all different backgrounds and lived experiences.  

If you are Mob and/or part of the LGBTQ+ community and you genuinely need a concession rate for sessions and/or training, please contact Charlie to discuss this. 

Youʻre welcome to book in for an individual Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage session online with the button below, or if you would like to speak with Charlie personally about their individual sessions and/or training courses, please text or call: 0421 242 467


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